Find essential economic, employment and social data for research and reporting.

Bank of England

Bank of Japan – Key Statistics, Reports & Research Papers

Economic data and trends from HM Treasury

ESRC Society Today – social and economic research material relevant to government, the voluntary and business sectors, the media, and the general public.

European Central Bank – statistics

Eurostat – The EU statistics office

Fed Stats – gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies

Foresight -access to a wide range of thinking about the future

GeoHive – Global population and economic statistics of regions, countries, provinces and cities

Government Actuary’s Department – includes details of population estimates

London Stock Exchange – News and Market Data

National Statistics -the official UK statistics site

New York Stock Exchange – News and Market Data

Nomis – View or download official labour market statistics

Portals to the World – links to electronic resources from around the world selected by US Library of Congress subject experts

Tomorrow Project – a programme of research, consultation and communication about people’s lives in the next twenty years

World Factbook from the CIA